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Duchateau® Premium Wood Floor Cleaner & Protectant Concentrate, 1 Liter/(33.8 fl.oz)


Product Description

Duchateau Floors Parquet Cleaner is All Natural premium cleaner and protectant for Duchateau wood floors. Duchateau Cleaner is an environmentally friendly maintenance and cleaning product for the regular maintenance of all oiled, lacquered and varnished wood floors as well as Parquet and Plank floors.

This is the recommended cleaner to clean DuChateau® Floors are finished with a Hard-Wax Oil that is baked into the floors during the manufacturing. For this reason, they must be maintained differently than polyurethane or aluminum-oxide finished floors.  

HOW TO CLEAN MY DUCHATEAU® FLOOR: Always follow all instructions on the Du Chateau Parquet Cleaner label! Daily Cleaning of DuChateau Floors: For regular daily upkeep of your floor, a simple sweeping or vacuuming should be all that is required. A floor vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment or one in which the beater brush can be turned off should be used to avoid scratching or damaging the floor.    Regular cleaning / Weekly Cleaning of your Du Chateau floor: DuChateau® Parquet Cleaner is the only recommended cleaner. Shake well...DUCHATEAU CLEANER is a concentrate that needs to be diluted at a ratio of 1/4 cup per gallon of hot water.  1 capful of Du Chateau Concentrate Parquet cleaner per half gallon of hot water (1 part cleaner to 100 parts water). After vacuuming (No Vacuum Beater Bar) or sweeping you floor..Use a standard sponge mop in which the water can be squeezed out. The mop should be damp, not wet. EXCESS MOISTURE CAN DAMAGE THE FLOOR. Simply mop your DuChateau® Floor, making sure that the mop is never wet and that the concentrate is not pooling on the surface. Do not rinse the floor after applying the solution. Floor should dry in approximately 15 minutes.   Deep Cleaning / Heavy Traffic Area Cleaning of Duchateau Floors: Vacuum (No Vacuum Beater Bar) or sweep your DeChateau Floor so that it is dust free. By applying the Parquet cleaner non-diluted (full strenth) to your Hard Waxed floor you will give the floor extra protection.  This is particularly recommeded for high trafic areas or extremly dirty waxxed wood floors. Shake well... Apply the cleaner NON-DILUTED using a clean cloth or a Mop.  Allow approximately 1 hour to dry.

COVERAGE: DuChateau Parkett Cleaner Concentrate cleans between 20,000 to 30,000 sq. feet per liter at max dilution. Shelf life 1 year in original Packaging Product of Belgium Low Voc All Natural  

UPC# FLSEPC20 Model Part # DUC-00286x1 DuChateau Floors Parquet Cleaner Concentrated  1 liter (33.8 fl. oz)

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